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What is the Here’s Help Network?

The Here’s Help Network (HHN) has been an important part of New Life Evangelistic Center’s (NLEC) ministry for over 25 years. More »

Daily Bread & Shelter Club

DBS Club

Every human being on earth requires two of life’s most vital necessities – food and shelter. By providing these basics to needy men, women and children, New Life Evangelistic Center gives them the help and hope they need to face and survive another day.

That’s why we are constantly working together with people everyday to find new ways to help feed the hungry and shelter the helpless and hurting.

We believe that everyone can and ultimately wants to do something.

That’s why we’ve formed the NLEC Daily Bread and Shelter Club.

What if I told you, you have the power to help people like Mark from Illinois, who was dumped on our doorstep by an Illinois hospital when his Medicaid benefits ran out. DUMPED! Mark was still recovering from being hit by a car, and in a lot of pain. Unable to walk and barely able to talk, with one arm still in a sling, he could not care for himself.

Because of the loving gifts of NLEC partners, Mark was given temporary food and shelter, while NLEC staff found an organization to “adopt” Mark until he can recover and get on his feet.

By pledging as little as $12 per month through the NLEC Daily Bread and Shelter Club, you can help NLEC provide food, shelter and other necessities to people like Mark until they can get back on their feet.

NLEC Daily Bread and Shelter Club gifts are used to feed and shelter people like Mark and many others who have no one to help and no one to care. No one but you and I.

How can $12 per month make any difference? It’s simpler than you think.

Because when your gifts are combined with others, TOGETHER we have the power to make the basic necessities of life available to everyone. Let’s do it !

Join others in the NLEC Daily Bread and Shelter Club who help struggling people receive care until they can get back on their feet. Together we have the power!

Donation Options



Are you ready to be used by God? If you are looking for a way to touch lives with the hope of Jesus Christ, consider volunteering at one of our locations.

To become a New Life volunteer, you will first need to attend a Volunteer Opportunity Meeting. Meetings are held every Sunday at 2 PM at NLEC headquarters at 1411 Locust Street, Saint Louis, MO 63103. At the meeting, you’ll learn about on-going volunteer opportunities for year-round service as well as about needs for special projects.

Please complete the Volunteer Application on the New Life Evangelistic Center website prior to attending a Volunteer Opportunity Meeting. If you would like to appear as talent on one of our telethons, please complete the Telethon Volunteer Application also.

Some of the current Volunteer Opportunities are:

For more information on volunteering, please view our detailed list of volunteer opportunities or contact Dulce Gaede at (314) 881-3218 or by using the form on our Contact page.

Please read the important information regarding parking for volunteers.

Make A Difference


The Here’s Help Network and NLEC are making a difference.

You can help!

Hundreds of thousands of people have found a home or have been given assistance because of New Life Evangelistic Center. Thank for choosing to support the New Life Evangelistic Center!

There are many ways you can make a donation to New Life Evangelistic Center, including:

Donate Online Using Google Checkout


Donate Online Using PayPal

Donate by Mail

Mail your donation to:
New Life Evangelistic Center
PO Box 473
St. Louis Missouri 63166

Donate by Phone

You can donate by phone using a credit or debit card, by calling Paul at (314) 421-3020.

Donate in Person

You can donate in person at the New Life Evangelistic Center Business Office at 1411 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103.


In-Kind Donations

Click here for information regarding in-kind donations.

Thank you for your support!

Your gifts are tax-deductible. NLEC respects your privacy. Your name and contact information will remain strictly confidential. Click Here to Read NLEC’s Donor Privacy Policy.

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What is the Here’s Help Network?


The Here’s Help Network (HHN) has been an important part of New Life Evangelistic Center’s (NLEC) ministry for over 25 years.

HHN is dedicated to the service of faith-based, wholesome and educational radio and television for the public and, through these media, advocacy for the poor and homeless in Mid-America.

Since its founding in 1972, NLEC has never wavered in its passion to give direct care to those in need.  NLEC’s founding of the Here’s Help Network in 1982 was, in fact, just one more bold extension of this deeply-rooted drive.

When NLEC celebrated the on-air launch of KNLC-TV Channel 24, in September of 1982, one of the first major series developed by Larry Rice was the HERE’S HELP series.  This series, along with so many others since, built upon NLEC’s direct services to the poor and homeless by equipping communities and people with the awareness, information, and courage to know that they already have the power – through countless “how-to” approaches – to lighten others’ burdens – and their own.

Since that important new launch, other major means of outreach to the homeless and hurting have been made available through a variety of media (television, radio, newsletters, sermons, books and websites) as well as continued direct services such as free stores, shelters, food distribution and utility assistance programs, educational and training programs in job skills, and in a number of NLEC Help Centers.  Some NLEC networking approaches that launched and were developed included:

  • Initially, KNLC-TV extended its outreach through reaching many urban and rural communities in metro St. Louis and in rural areas in Missouri and Illinois.
  • In the second phase of its help-oriented efforts, NLEC constructed and/or acquired about eleven Low Power TV stations in Central, Southern and Western Missouri and extended down to Arkansas.  These stations reached persons and families through the HERE’S HELP-produced programs from NLEC, and also helped generate interest in opening free stores, some shelters and/or outreach centers working with local communities in these out-state areas.
  • Since the 1990′s and continuing through the present, major efforts were made by KNLC to set up a noncommercial radio satellite, available nationally. This signal was also fed to 18 Missouri, Illinois and Kansas communities through new or acquired noncommercial radio stations, and up to nine commercial radio stations.  Many of these stations worked together with NLEC free stores, shelter facilities and food and clothing distribution centers.
  • In the past five years, NLEC’s Renewable Energy project, Missouri Renewable Energy, has helped persons not only learn how to survive but also to learn skills in working with renewable energy theory and devices, in reducing utility costs and in running their own dwellings more efficiently.  Once again, the HERE’S HELP concept became a reality, which continues to expand.
  • In 2008, the Renewable Energy Satellite was already in the planning phase, and Renewable Energy Training Workshops held throughout Missouri yet again attracted hundreds from the Midwest.