Public Inspection Files

Welcome to the Here’s Help Network, a division of the New Life Evangelistic Center.

You may access the public inspection files for each licensed commercial or non-commercial educational (NCE) broadcast station by clicking on the call letters listed below. Public files for NLEC TV, KMRF, KKLL, KKLO, KNLG, KNLP, and KNLH are also available on site at each station’s main studio.

KBPB, KNLQ, and KNLN, are “stand-alone” stations, meaning they are unmanned with no main studio. Their public files are available in PDF format below.

Chief Operators for Stations

Non-Commercial Radio Stations
KNLG-FM 90.3, New Bloomfield, MO
KBPB-FM 91.9, Harrison, AR
KNLH-FM 89.5, Cedar Hill, MO
KNLN-FM 90.9, Vienna, MO
KNLP-FM 89.7, Potosi, MO
KNLQ-FM 91.9, Cuba, MO

Commercial Radio Stations
KKLL-AM 1100, Webb City, MO
KMRF-AM 1510, Marshfield, MO

Commercial TV Stations
NLEC TV 24.2, St. Louis, MO

Low Power TV Stations
K17FU-D, Channel 17, Marshfield, MO
K39IU-D, Channel 39, Springfield, MO
K36II-D, Channel 36, Joplin, MO