Evangelism Through Television & Radio

Ministering Through Marketing

Through the Here’s Help Network & NLEC TV’s unique Ministering through Marketing (MTM) program you can not only help your church or business grow but you can at the same time be directly helping the homeless and hurting. NLEC TV and the Here’s Help Network want to help your church, organization or business use television, radio and the internet to help you in your ministering through marketing techniques.

MTM is the ministry of creating impressions. The more impressions one creates through the leading of the Holy Spirit, the more successful the ministry will be. Each time someone sees a business’s or church’s TV commercial, radio spot or Website an impression will be created. The primary goal of MTM is making as many impressions as possible.

The possibilities through the creative power of God working in us and through us are unlimited. Let’s get started now working together in Ministering Through Marketing (MTM). Contact Charlie or Kymal now at (314) 436-2424 and let’s believe God that as we pray and work together we will witness Christ doing exceedingly beyond what we can ask or think.

Here’s Help Network

The Here’s Help Network has been an important part of NLEC’s ministry for over 25 years. The Here’s Help Network is dedicated to the service of faith-based, wholesome and educational radio and television for the public and, through these media, advocacy for the poor and homeless in Mid-America.

Since its founding in 1972, NLEC has never wavered in its passion to give direct care to those in need. New Life’s founding of the Here’s Help Network in 1982 was, in fact, just one more bold extension of this deeply rooted drive. When New Life celebrated the on-air launch of NLEC TV Channel 24.2 (formerly KNLC Channel 24), in September of 1982, one of the first major series developed by Larry Rice was the HERE’S HELP series. This series, along with so many others since, built upon NLEC’s direct services to the poor and homeless by equipping communities and individuals with the awareness, information, and courage to know that they already have the power – through countless “how-to” approaches – to lighten others’ burdens – and their own.

NLEC TV Channel 24.2

NLEC TV Channel 24.2 is an independent TV station serving Saint Louis, Missouri and its surrounding areas in Missouri and Illinois. Through our daily programming, we reach thousands with the Word of God, important and useful information about Christian living and wholesome, family-oriented entertainment.

American Renewable Energy (ARE) began operation February 4, 2009. This exciting new channel offers 24/7 programming from RES, the new Renewable Energy Satellite service of New Life Evangelistic Center. Information, inspiration and hands-on ideas on a broad range of Renewable Energy topics make ARE a must-see for anyone who wants to be an “Earth Keeper” and who wants to live better by living Green!

Public Inspection Files

Welcome to the Here’s Help Network, a division of the New Life Evangelistic Center.

You may access the public inspection files for each licensed commercial or non-commercial educational (NCE) broadcast station by clicking on the call letters listed below.

Public files for NLEC TV, KMRF, KKLL, KNLG, KNLP, and KNLH are also available on site at each station’s main studio.

KBPB and KNLN, as well as our LPTV stations, are “stand-alone” stations, meaning they are unmanned with no main studio. Their public files are available in PDF format below.

Chief Operators for Stations

Non-Commercial Radio Stations
KNLG-FM 90.3, New Bloomfield, MO
KBPB-FM 91.9, Harrison, AR
KNLH-FM 89.5, Cedar Hill, MO
KNLN-FM 90.9, Vienna, MO
KNLP-FM 89.7, Potosi, MO

Commercial Radio Stations
KKLL-AM 1100, Webb City, MO
KMRF-AM 1510, Marshfield, MO

Translator Stations
K221GQ FM, Webb City, MO
K296HN FM, Marshfield, MO

Commercial TV Stations
NLEC TV-24.2, St. Louis, MO

Low Power TV Stations
K17FU-D, Channel 17, Marshfield/Springfield, MO
K36II-D, Channel 36, Joplin, MO