Radio & TV Stations

Here are the stations you can find us on in your area!

Full Power TV Stations

St. Louis, MO

NLEC TV, Channel 24.2

American Renewable Energy (A.R.E)

Low Power TV Stations (LPTV)

Joplin, MO

K36II-D, Channel 36

Marshfield/Springfield, MO

K17FU-TV, Channel 17

Radio Stations
*noncommercial stations

Marshfield, MO

KMRF-AM 1510

(serving the greater Springfield area) -power increased from 1 kW to 5kW


Cedar Hill, MO *

KNLH-FM 89.5

New Bloomfield, MO*

KNLG-FM 90.3

Potosi, MO*

KNLP-FM 89.7

Webb City, MO

KKLL-AM 1100

Cuba, MO *

KNLQ-FM 91.9

Harrison, AR*

KBPB-FM 91.9

Vienna, MO*

KNLN-FM 90.9

Van Buren, MO*

KBIY-FM 91.3