Radio & TV Stations

Here are the stations you can find us on in your area!

Full Power TV Stations

St. Louis, MO

KNLC D- TV, Channel 24.1

A.R.E., Channel 24.2

Low Power TV Stations (LPTV)

Springfield, MO

K39IU-TV,Channel 39

Joplin, MO

K36II-D, Channel 36

Marshfield, MO

K17FU-TV, Channel 17

Radio Stations
*noncommercial stations

Marshfield, MO

KMRF-AM 1510

(serving the greater Springfield area) -power increased from 1 kW to 5kW


Cedar Hill, MO *

KNLH-FM 89.5

New Bloomfield, MO*

KNLG-FM 90.3

Potosi, MO*

KNLP-FM 89.7

Webb City, MO

KKLL-AM 1100

Cuba, MO *

KNLQ-FM 91.9

Harrison, AR*

KBPB-FM 91.9

Vienna, MO*

KNLN-FM 90.9

Van Buren, MO*

KBIY-FM 91.3

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